It’s Almost Time…

It’s almost here, the thing I am apparently supposed to dread. The thing that so many people I know fear. The thing that can, I’ve heard, make grown men cry…

The big 3-0!

Oh yes, oh yes. I am days (a mere 39 to be exact) from turning this most hideous of ages.

More than a few that I know will not admit their age. Or haven’t for sometime. It is as if they think they can change the fact that they are an adult, have responsibilities – which most do, as they’re married with children!

Personally, for me, I can’t wait! It is a time to get together and have some fun, and all on me. Although you can buy your own drinks. And one for me too, please.

I have never feared this age. Even though, according to the boy, God is only 38! I don’t think it will feel any different, I don’t think it will bring any unwanted responsibility, I don’t think it will make me any wiser, happier, sadder or whatever.

But it has brought with it a list. A Bucket List, if you will.

I got the idea from a fellow blogger, and long time friend, who has just done the whole “I’ve turned 30, no really, I have” thing (believe me, you could never tell. I’m not even sure I believe that she’s older than me!).

She decided to do a 30 things in the 30 days of her birthday month, September. And you can check out her posts on these 30 things at the Miss Stylicious blog over on Blogger or via her facebook page.

But I have taken a slightly different look at this. Instead of getting 30 new things into 30 days, I will do 30 things, that I (mostly) haven’t done before, throughout my 30th year.

I will be blogging on each of these 30 points. As well as keeping the Twin Wicks Publishing and A Cuppa and an Armchair blogs up-to-date. And working with TWP, A Cuppa and all author/illustrators/editors involved, finishing off university assignments, and general child rearing activities.

So here is the list:

1. Go on a trek (this is, in fact, happening over the Easter period – whoop whoop!)
2. Have a fancy dress party
3. Go to a gig
4. Go to a comedy stand-up show
5. Go to the theatre to watch a musical
6. Go to the theatre to watch a play
7. Dye my hair red (not red red, just some form of red. Like a nice, calm type. If it was red red, I’d scare even me!)
8. Go on hot air balloon ride
9. Do falconry
10. Learn to shoot a gun (and do it well)
11. Learn to do some form of martial arts – open to ideas!!
12. Take the children to Scotland
13. Take the children to Ireland
14. Hold a charity masquerade
15. Hold a book club
16. Pass my driving test
17. Gain my degree and graduate
18. Buy a house
19. Do yoga or pilates
20. Go glamping
21. Go to Stone Henge for Summer Solstice
22. Learn Welsh
23. Feed the penguins at the zoo
24. Go to a Butterfly Farm
25. Write a book, from my blogs, for Equipe
26. Learn to brew my own beer &/or wine
27. Jog the Race for Life with Chloe, for Cancer Research UK in June 2013
28. Read and review at least one book a month
29. Start actually earning/making money with my company
30. Go to Niagara Falls

Wow, this will be one busy year! Wish me luck… :/

Oh, and as an added aside to this, if you would like to sponsor me for the trek, please follow this link. And I won’t begrudge you sending me a birthday gift to help me pay for it too….. 🙂


About miss surrey

A Welsh girl, no longer living in Wales. Has 2 children, 1 husband, & 1 Labrador. Attended Glyndwr University (@GlyndwrUni), studied Broadcasting, Journalism & Media Communications. Has lived in Wales, Jersey, England & soon to live in Isle of Man. Find me on Twitter - @miss_surrey

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